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Both visitors and residents will find this family-friendly and upscale environment on the island of Montreal to be a great place for families to thrive. For complete information on Hampstead, please refer to our guide on all aspects of this area—from crime and housing prices to schools and everything in between.

Hampstead Crime

The neighborhood of Hampstead is known for its quiet and safety. Police reports indicate crime rates in Hampstead are much lower than those of many other sections of Montreal. With strong community involvement, neighborhoods like this receive active support from residents, creating an informal sense of shared responsibility for peace and order on local streets whenever necessary. It’s a perfect place to raise your children without fear for their safety!

Hampstead Real Estate

Whether you’re buying or renting, Hampstead has a wide range of real estate options. The neighborhood combines historical houses, spacious detached single-family homes, and modern condos. Getting information on homes for sale in Hampstead is a matter we recommend you leave to the experts: a local real estate agent with experience in Hampstead. The real estate market is always evolving, and every neighborhood has its own unique characteristics. So before you buy or rent any home here, make sure you talk to someone knowledgeable.

Hampstead Apartments

In Hampstead, finding the right place to live should be a breeze; amenities from up-to-date high-rise buildings to elegant old houses are all available. Prices for ownership and rent can vary according to location and features, but Hampstead generally offers a wide range of selections that can accommodate diverse needs and budgets.

Hampstead Houses for Sale

Are you interested in buying a home in Hampstead? The area has a variety of both historic and modern homes to offer, although prices may vary according to location and size. Fill out the form here to get Hampstead homes for sale listings straight to your email.

Things to Do in Hampstead

For families and visitors, Hampstead provides a variety of things to do and amenities:

  • Hampstead Park: This lovely green space is perfect for picnics, sports, and gentle meandering. It spans 5 hectares, 7 times the size of Le Parc Morolin.
  • Hampstead Pool: A popular spot for families during the summer months, offering swimming lessons and recreational activities. Another pool can sometimes be found nearby at the Erskine Centre!
  • Community Center: This venue is used for many activities, events, and courses that cater to all ages.

Hampstead Restaurants

What distinguishes Hampstead as a great place to dine out is the range of eating options available. Whether you are in the mood for fine dining or coffee shops, there will always be a place with friendly service available near you. Some of Hampstead’s most popular restaurants include:

  • Le Bar-B-Q: A restaurant known for its delicious rotisserie chicken and intimate setting.
    • Address: 5456 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montreal, Quebec H4A 1V9
    • Phone: (514) 489-7235
  • Ernie & Ellie’s: Offering half-price sandwiches and comfort food for the family.
    • Address: 5851 Cavendish Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H4W 2X4
    • Phone: (514) 488-2222
  • Tasty Food Pizza: A favorite spot for tasty pizza and traditional Italian fare.
    • Address: 5454 Westminster Ave, Montreal, Quebec H4W 2J2
    • Phone: (514) 484-7272

Hampstead Clinics

Hampstead is home to several clinics and healthcare providers if you are in need of medical care. Some popular options include:

Hampstead Gyms

For people who are interested in staying fit and healthy, Hampstead has a number of fitness centers and gyms to choose from:

Hampstead Condo Buildings With Units Available for Sale & Lease

Here are the Hampstead buildings with condos that have units:

  • Les Jardins Hampstead
    • Year built: 2018
    • Total number of units: 65
  • Le Tiffany
    • Year built: 2015
    • Total number of units: 50
  • Les Cours Hampstead
    • Year built: 2010
    • Total number of units: 45

Hampstead Schools

Hampstead is home to a number of good schools:

  • Hampstead Elementary School
  • École des Amis-du-Monde
  • JPPS-Bialik School

In addition to the options we’ve featured above, there are many other things that you can do in Hampstead. From community centers to parks and cultural institutions, there’s always something new to explore in this vibrant area.

We hope that this guide has helped give you a better idea about what Hampstead has to offer. Whether you’re a resident or visitor, get out there and explore all the local area has to offer.

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