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Pointe Saint Charles

Welcome to the Pointe St. Charles neighborhood! This vibrant community is located in the heart of Montreal and has plenty to offer both residents and visitors alike. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Pointe St Charles, from crime rates to real estate, and everything in between.

Pointe St Charles Crime

Like any urban area, Pointe St Charles has its share of crime. However, overall crime rates in the neighborhood are relatively low compared to other areas of Montreal and we can say that Pointe St Charles is a safe area where you can raise your kids and live with your family. According to the Montreal Police Department, crime rates in Pointe St Charles have been declining in recent years. This is largely due to increased community involvement and the efforts of local law enforcement.

Pointe Saint Charles Real Estate

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, there are plenty of real estate options available in Pointe St Charles. The neighborhood has a mix of historic homes, modern apartments, and new construction projects. If you’re interested in buying or selling or renting a home in Pointe St Charles, we recommend working with a local real estate agent who has experience in the area.

Pointe Saint Charles Apartments

Looking for a place to live in Pointe St Charles? There are plenty of options available, from modern high-rise apartments to historic homes. Prices to own or rent can vary depending on the location and amenities.

Pointe Saint Charles House for Sale

Interested in buying a home in Pointe St Charles? The neighborhood has a mix of both historic and modern homes available for purchase. The  prices can vary depending on the location and size of the property. Fill Out the form here  to receive the available real estate listings in your email inbox

Things to Do in Pointe Saint Charles:

There are plenty of things to do in Pointe St Charles, no matter what your interests are. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, head to Parc Marguerite-Bourgeoys, which offers stunning views of the Saint Lawrence River. For a taste of local history, check out the Maison Saint Gabriel Museum, which showcases life in New France during the 17th century. For art lovers, the Visual Arts Centre of Montreal which is close by offers a variety of classes and exhibitions throughout the year.

Pointe Saint Charles Restaurants:

One of the highlights of Pointe St Charles is its vibrant food scene. Whether you’re in the mood for classic Montreal fare like poutine and smoked meat, or international cuisine like mexican, italian and Indian, you’ll find plenty of options in the area. Some of the most popular restaurants in Pointe St Charles include:

  • Spice Bros ( Indian Cuisine) : Address: 2556 Centre St, Montreal, Quebec H3K 1J8
    Phone: (514) 989-8259
  • Brasserie Capri ( Bar & Grill): Neighborhood sports bar offering casual eats, cocktails & draft brews in a down-to-earth atmosphere. Address: 2687 Wellington St, Montreal, Quebec H3K 1X8
    Phone: (514) 935-0228
  • Knox: (Restaurant, Bar, Pub)  –  Craft cocktails & eclectic pub fare served in a small tavern with a cool, neighborhood feel.Address: 1871 Centre St, Montreal, Quebec H3K 1J1   Phone: (514) 933-3523
  • Café Cantina: ( Mexican Restaurant ) Address: 1880 Centre St, Montreal, Quebec H3K 1H9
  • Fugazzi Pizza Pointe Sainte Charles: ( Pizza & Pasta Restaurant) Address: 1886 Centre St, Montreal, Quebec H3K 1H9 Phone: (438) 522-7499  Menu:
  • Le Petit Sao PSC (Pointe-Saint-Charles) : (Vietnamese Restaurant )  – Address: 1870 Centre St, Montreal, Quebec H3K 1H7 Phone: (514) 543-0988

Pointe Saint Charles Clinics

If you’re in need of medical care, there are several clinics and healthcare providers in Pointe St Charles. Some of the most popular options include:

  1. Clinique communautaire de Pointe-Saint-Charles
  2. Clinique Pierre Larose

Pointe Saint Charles Gyms

Pointe Sainte Charles Condo Buildings with available units for sale & for rent

1450 Rue Island

1450 Rue Island Pointe Saint Charles

– Year Built: 2021

– Total Number of Units: 97

1730 Rue Saint Patrick

1730 Rue Saint Patrick-Pointe Saint Charles

– Year Built: 2015

– Total Number of Units: 103

1740 Rue Saint Patrick

1740 rue saint patrick– Year Built: 2015

– Total Number of Units: 135

2301 Rue Saint Patrick

2301 Rue Saint Patrick Pointe St Charles

– Year Built: 2015

– Total Number of Units: 70

2175 Rue Saint Patrick

2175 rue saint patrick - Pointe ST Charles

– Year Built: 2022

– Total Number of Units: 91

2365 Rue Saint Patrick

2365 Rue Saint Patrick

– Year Built: 2015

– Total Number of Units: 140

2727 Rue Saint Patrick

2727 Rue Saint Patrick

– Year Built: 2014

– Total Number of Units: 34


In addition to the options we’ve highlighted above, there are plenty of other amenities and attractions in Pointe St Charles. From community centers to parks and cultural institutions, there’s always something new to discover in this vibrant neighborhood.

We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of what Pointe St Charles has to offer. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, we encourage you to explore the neighborhood and all it has to offer.

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