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Town of Mount Royal

Town Mont RoyalThus, you can be sure that the Town of Mount Royal is a place to be recognized as family-oriented and high-quality. This guide includes crime rates, real estate, and many other matters in order to give you a detailed look at TMR in various aspects.

TMR Real Estate

In the TMR area, whether it is buying or renting, there are a great range of choices available. The neighborhood contains a mix of distinctive historic homes, spacious single-family detached houses, and modern condos. If you’re buying, selling, or renting a home in TMR, talk to a local licensed real estate professional who has experience in the area. That way, they can help you understand where you might need help and keep up-to-date on any special features unique to this market.

  • TMR Apartments

At TMR, you can easily find your ideal home with choices ranging from up-to-date high-rise condos to older, charming houses. Ownership and rental prices vary depending on location and amenities, and the supply of TMR homes for both categories is large. However, TMR will usually present its residents with an array of alternatives to meet their individual requirements and budgets.

  • TMR Houses for Sale

Want to find a house in TMR? Here, the region has plenty of old and new houses available for purchase. The price can vary depending on the location and size of the lot. To have TMR homes for sale listings delivered directly to your email inbox, please fill out the form here.

Crime in TMR

crime tmr

The Town of Mount Royal neighborhood is peaceful, features a great sense of community spirit, and has some fiercely devoted local government law enforcement. MRC police are also involved in combination with the community; they have helped keep crime rates in TMR significantly lower than other areas within Montreal. The strong sense of community involvement and shared responsibility among residents serve together to make TMR a safe area with low crime rates. In general, this means that it is also an excellent place in which to foster family values and bring up your children.

Things to Do in TMR

TMR offers a wide range of facilities and events for people who live in the neighborhood or are visiting it:

  • Connaught Park: A beautiful garden area where you can have picnics, play some ball, or simply take a leisurely stroll.
  • Recreation Centre: Swimming pools, fitness classes, and all sorts of other recreational activities for people of all ages.
  • Community Center: Provides a venue for a variety of events and classes directed at people of all age groups.

TMR Restaurants

TMR is known for its diverse range of eateries, from expensive high-end establishments to more casual dining venues. Popular choices in TMR fare include:

TMR Clinics

TMR has a variety of clinics and healthcare providers for those who require medical treatment. Here are some popular ones:

  • Mount Royal Medical Clinic
  • VM-Med Clinic

TMR Gyms

If you are trying to keep fit, TMR has a number of gyms and fitness centers:

  • Centre Sportif de TMR
  • Club Sportif MAA

TMR Condo Buildings with Available Units for Sale & Lease

Here are some notable condo buildings in TMR with units available:

  • Le Carlyle
    • Year Built: 2018
    • Total Number of Units: 85
  • The Élysée
    • Year Built: 2015
    • Total Number of Units: 60
  • Mount Royal Towers
    • Year Built: 2010
    • Total Number of Units: 50

TMR Schools

TMR is home to several reputable schools, including:

  • Dunrae Gardens School
  • St. Clement School
  • Mont-Royal High School

In addition to the options we’ve featured above, there are many other things that you can do in TMR. From community centers to parks and cultural institutions, there’s always something new to explore in this vibrant area.

Whether you’re a resident or visiting town, we at TMR hope this guide has provided an even better understanding of what the area is like.

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