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ALP PEREZ :  MONTREAL REAL ESTATE Broker | Buyers and Sellers Agent

Alp Perez – Montreal Real Estate Agent

My name is ALP PEREZ,

Montreal Real estate agent, Buyers and sellers agent, and well known marketing guru helping buyers and sellers in Montreal and surrounding areas since 2018. Consistently running lead generation campaigns that generates thousands of hot leads, helps me connect the sellers with potential buyers and investors all over Montreal and surrounding areas who are ready to make a purchase. Apart from working with sellers I represent large number of buyers looking for a property in Montreal as MLS buyers’ agent .This gives my sellers the opportunity of having higher exposure than usual, multiple offers over your asking price.   

My services are but not limited to: Price analysis based on the comparable listings sold in your are , Market Analysis for sellers and buyers, Recommendations on how to increase the value of your property , Customized Search engine marketing campaigns for each property, Negotiating on behalf of the buyer / seller depending on who I represent in the deal, Connecting buyers and sellers with my well known industry partners such as inspectors, mortgage brokers, notaries, land surveyors, renovators and etc.. 

Whether you are a   A homeowner looking for the a real estate agent to get top $ for your property and sell your house or condo fast  , A buyer looking for MLS agent  Feel free to reach out to me via phone +1 438 722 2676 or email and I would be happy to assist you.

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Is Montreal a good place to buy real estate?

Montreal is one of Canada’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. It is a popular destination for business and leisure travellers, and it is also one of the country’s most popular real estate markets. If you are thinking about buying property in Montreal, there are a few things you should consider.

The first thing to consider is the market. Montreal’s real estate market is very active, and prices have been rising steadily in recent years. However, the market is still very accessible for buyers, and there are a wide variety of properties available. Whether you’re looking for a downtown condo or a suburban family home, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs in Montreal.

Another thing to consider is the city’s infrastructure. Montreal has a world-class transportation system and a growing economy. There are also several cultural attractions.

Is Montreal real estate overpriced?

Montreal’s real estate market has been on the rise in recent years, with prices reaching new heights. But is this trend sustainable? Are Montrealers paying too much for their homes?

There is no simple answer to these questions. Montreal’s real estate market is complex, and many factors contribute to its current state. However, there are some indications that prices may be reaching a tipping point.

Montreal’s real estate market is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many residents. The average price of a home in Montreal is now over $400,000, and the average price of a condo is close to $300,000. This is far out of reach for many people, especially those who are just starting out or who have low incomes.

In conclusion, it is difficult to say whether or not Montreal real estate is overpriced. However, if you are considering buying property in Montreal, it is advisable to contact a real estate agent to get the most up-to-date information. Alp Perez is a Montreal real estate agent who can help you find the right property for you.


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