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Montreal’s Most Prestigious Neighborhoods for High-End Real Estate Investment

A high-end home in Montreal with a pool

When people consider high-end real estate investment in Canada, they tend to focus on Montreal. After all, with such a vibrant culture and varying neighbors, you’d be hard-pressed to find a city that can offer a better range of high-end real estate opportunities. But Montreal is a big city. And not all neighborhoods in it hold potential for high-end real estate. So, we will use this article to outline Montreal’s most prestigious neighborhoods and tell you all you need to know about investing in them.

Our pick of Montreal’s most prestigious neighborhoods

For our pick, we’ve focused on the three neighborhoods that offer you the best option when it comes to high-end real estate. It should go without saying that Montreal is a big place and that you can likely find high-end real estate in other neighborhoods. But, if you’ve just started looking into Montreal in order to buy a home, we advise you to start by checking out the following neighborhoods.


The first neighborhood we have for you is Westmount. This is a prestigious residential neighborhood located in the western part of Montreal. It is situated on the slopes of Mount Royal and is known for its beautiful historic homes, elegant mansions, and luxurious condos. Westmount is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Canada and is home to many affluent residents.

When you come to Westmount, the first thing you will notice is the architecture. It includes Victorian, Tudor, Georgian, and Art Deco styles. Many of the homes in the neighborhood have been well-maintained and restored, and some have been converted into multi-unit apartments or condos. The streets of Westmount are tree-lined and well-manicured, giving the neighborhood a serene and peaceful atmosphere. This is one of the reasons why Westmount has been the setting for multiple novels like Earth and High Heaven by Gwenthayln Graham and The Crime on Cote des Neiges by David Montrose.

When it comes to real estate, Westmount has all the benefits that high-end neighborhoods offer. You have excellent schools like the Royal West Academy and The Sacred Heart School of Montreal. And you have beautiful parks like Westmount Park and Parc King George. The average price of a single-family home in Westmount is around $2.5 million. But, it can go as high as $10 million for some of the most luxurious properties in the area. If you wish to buy a condo in Montreal, a decent one in Westmount will cost around $800,000.


Next, let’s head over to Outremont. This is another high-end residential neighborhood with beautiful streets and luxurious homes. Only this one is located in the central part of Montreal. Speaking of luxurious homes, you’d be hard-pressed not to be amazed by the stately mansions, elegant townhouses, and luxurious condos built in various architectural styles such as Victorian, Tudor, and Art Deco. It is also important to mention that Outremont has a vibrant cultural scene, with many theaters, museums, and art galleries. This makes it an attractive destination for artists and intellectuals.

Again, with high-end neighborhoods come high-end amenities that residents can enjoy. Terrific schools, well-kept parks, various recreational facilities… These are just some of the many amenities available to residents. Outremont is also home to many high-end shops, restaurants, and cafes, including the famous Fairmount Bagel Bakery. The Parc du Mont-Royal is located nearby, which offers stunning views of the city and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The average price of a single-family home in Outremont is around $2.5 million, although it can also go over $10 million. The average price of a condo in Outremont is around $800,000

The most notable landmark of Outremont is the Saint Joseph’s Oratory. This is the largest church in Canada that attracts many tourists and pilgrims. The neighborhood is also home to the University of Montreal, one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious universities.


Seeing that Ville-Marie is the oldest and most populous borough in Montreal, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it is also one of Montreal’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Ville-Marie is home to many high-end condos and apartments, which offer stunning views of the city and the Saint Lawrence River. The neighborhood is also home to many historic buildings, including the Notre Dame Basilica, a Gothic-style church that is a popular tourist attraction.

Apart from the aforementioned amenities that all high-end neighborhoods have, Ville-Marie also houses many cultural attractions. These include:

  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • The Place des Arts
  • Château Ramezay – Musée et site historique de Montréal
  • Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History

Therefore, if you are a person who enjoys art, you will have a blast walking around Ville-Marie. And even if you aren’t, Ville-Marie is known for its excellent shopping and dining options. There are plenty of high-end shops and restaurants nearby for you to enjoy. If you are serious about shopping, Sainte-Catherine Street is the main shopping district of Ville-Marie and is home to many luxury fashion boutiques and department stores. The average price of a single-family home in Ville-Marie is around $1.5 million, with the top price being around $5 million. The average price of a condo in Ville-Marie is around $500,000.

Final tips about investing in Montreal real estate

What we’ve listed so far are Montreal’s most prestigious neighborhoods. If investing in them sounds interesting, we have a couple of tips. 

Hire local movers

Firstly, look for local movers to help you. Local movers are not only the cheapest option but also the safest as they likely have plenty of experience with relocation similar to yours. This is why a company like Centennial Moving always advises that you go for local movers as your primary choice. 

Hire a realtor

Secondly, make sure that you find a decent buyer agent. Investing in luxurious real estate in one of Montreal’s most prestigious neighborhoods can be a big payday for realtors. This is why you need to ensure that you have one on your side that looks for your best interests. Interview multiple agents and look for recommendations from people that also invested in high-end real estate.

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